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My name is Steven Fowler. I live with my wife and two children in Logan, Ohio. We live life in our own unique ways - all contributing to our vision we call 'Pasture Fowler'.

Pasture Fowler started as a means to  raise chickens in a way I felt good about for my family and close friends. Not only from a human health perspective, but a concern for respecting God’s creation and His creatures.

The old fashioned term for good livestock management is husbandry. Using the care of a husband with your livestock. Caring for creatures is also closely intertwined with caring for our soil - the foundation of our continued existence is in the soil.

Pasture Fowler slowly evolved and grew to a wider circle of people and now I’m reaching out  to serve my community. Pasture Fowler is a pasture based approach to poultry, focusing on allowing chickens to act like chickens (peck, scratch, eat bugs and grass, get fresh air and sunshine) and are supplemented with high-quality, local, and non-gmo feed from a fellow farmer I know and trust.


The strategies used to raise the chickens give them access to fresh pasture, fertilize the ground, and a clean space to roam. For this reason, no antibiotics are needed, and no hormones are ever used. Pasture Fowler works with two USDA certified processors in Ohio and offers a wide variety of products, from whole chickens to parted out chickens, to several specialty items and blends. 


Why Chickens? Chickens are a beautiful gateway into a new way of living. My hens are very zealous over consuming the food scraps my home produces - allowing our household and several other households in our neighborhood to make use of food that  would normally go in the dump! Chickens are incredible fertilizers, whether they are on a wood chip system making compost for gardens, or out on your fields and pastures. They will literally make greener pastures, and healthier soil for the next year and future generations of livestock if managed well. 


Chickens raised well provide incredibly nutrient dense eggs, and meat. Chickens get you outside and interacting with creation and it’s creatures. Chickens have also given my home a sense of productivity and pride, a common purpose I share with my family that brings us together. From the field to the kitchen to the dinner table.  

Now, chickens  have allowed me to interact with my community and those workings towards supporting and producing a resilient local food system, that provides quality, unique, fresh food that you just can’t find from industrial farming, in hopes that local and sustainable  practices will take hold in our community.


Bonus picture of my boys...


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